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Portronics has enhanced its Wellness Series by launching “Yogg X” – An extremely Slim and Elegant Smart Fitness Watch with a Touch-Enabled Detachable Dial and a water proof design (IP67). So even if it accidentally falls and stays in a bucket of water 1 meter / 3 feet deep for 30 minutes it will work normally without any glitch. Yogg X brings the benefits of wearable technology for style and fitness conscious people, at home, at office or in-between.

Yogg X enables you to Set daily Fitness Goals, Tracks your activity levels using state of the art in-built sensors, Syncs the data with your Smartphone using Yogg X app and Alerts you when you achieve your goals. You can Monitor your Distance covered, Calories burned, Steps taken, Sleep patterns. It also shows your time & date and battery status on the OLED screen. The screen is touch-enabled and can be awakened anytime, allowing you to shift between modes, by simply touching at the designated spot. The dial is detachable. You can change the strap as per your taste and occasion.

It shows you Notifications about new Social Media messages, SMS, emails, missed calls, reminders, goals achieved and Bluetooth disconnected feature. Every night when you are about to sleep just put Yogg X in Sleep Mode. It will dutifully monitor your sleep pattern and display it the next day. You can experiment with your evening habits like food, reading, watching TV, etc and see the impact on quality of sleep. Yogg X pairs with your Smartphone on Bluetooth 4.0 which consumes less power and once paired initially it connects automatically. Easy and intuitive “Yogg X” app can be downloaded on your phone from Appstore / Playstore. Once fully charged its 55mAh battery lives up to five days. Charging Yogg X is easy. Just put the dial on the charging pod and use micro-USB cable to charge it. With just about 20 grams, you will love to wear it all day and night even while you are sleeping. It is available in very appealing red and black color options.

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