BEWARE: New scam by Sellers.

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Hello folks!

I will try to keep this blog short so you can get to know the matter quickly without wasting much time & how you should stay alert.amazonscamnew

I was looking at some good deals on Bluetooth earphones on last week. Since my brother is already using boAt rockerz 250, I thought of purchasing the same. While I was searching it was available for just Rs.800! I couldn’t believe my eyes and in just a few seconds I placed an order and paid via Amazon Pay balance. I was super excited for the same. Within few hours I get a message from Amazon stating “Your order has been canceled” without mentioning any reason in the email.

Next day I saw the same earphones were available for Rs.800 again but the seller was different. I went ahead and placed the order for SECOND TIME but in few hours even that order got canceled.

The next day I again ordered those earphones for THIRD TIME with same price i.e Rs.800 but again the seller was different. So to know why this is happening I contacted Amazon support via chat and this is what they had to say:

Untitled design (2)

Chat with customer support.


Even after gave me an assurance that the order will be delivered, it again got canceled for the THIRD TIME.  

Next day again I placed an order for the same product with same price but different seller for FOURTH TIME and guess what… you’re right: CANCELED. 

PAY ATTENTION NOW: Very important part of the blog which will show how some sellers “SCAM people

All my 4 orders were canceled because it was all PREPAID Orders wherein I had paid via Amazon Pay balance. So if something goes wrong etc Amazon can hold the seller’s money with them until it’s sorted out. So I understood there is something fishy about it.

Then I decided not to order it anymore and go ahead with a different model of boAt earphone. So I went ahead to purchase boAt rockerz 210 which was listed for Rs.1000. I opted for COD. To my surprise, the order wasn’t canceled after series of cancellation. I thought this time I am finally getting the product which I wanted. I got a confirmation from Amazon that they have received my order etc.

While I was tracking the package it was showing me “preparing for dispatch” since the time I had placed the order but yesterday one delivery guy came at my place and asked me for Rs.1000 and he had a courier in his hand with my address and product info. Since I wasn’t available my family members told the delivery boy to come tomorrow. I contacted customer care, via chat, today morning and I asked them I haven’t got any confirmation regarding the tracking or any details stating that the courier is out for delivery but someone knows that I had ordered these earphones and has my address too. asked me to only accept the courier if it had Amazon Packing and my order number which wasn’t there. After few hours I get a message from that my order has been canceled.


Since I had already got the message of my order being canceled, the same delivery guy who came yesterday came at my home asking for Rs.1000 and had a parcel in his hand for him to give me. He didn’t even know that my order was canceled and I figured it out that its a SCAM to sell fake products via COD. Now if I had given him the cash and accepted the parcel there would have been no way I could have got the money back if the product was fake since it was delivered to me via some third party courier which wasn’t affiliated to The courier packaging was in a very bad condition and I could make out its a SCAM.

Untitled design (3)

Poor Packaging without any tag or the product’s order number.


The scary part is these sellers have our address and anything could go wrong. I don’t know why Amazon being such a big brand have some loopholes where these sellers take advantage of it.

In the end, I wasted my time, didn’t even get the product as promised by! Highly disappointed with such a big e-commerce brand.

Have few questions for : 

  1. If I had not contacted the customer care and accepted the delivery who would have been responsible if the product was fake? 
  2. The sellers have our address and phone number what if anything would have gone wrong in this case. Who is responsible? 
  3. How do you compensate our time buying products from your website which ended by wasting our time & energy while buying products? 


The product is Still available: with the same price but again with a different seller and hasn’t done anything yet.

Please spread this blog to every online shopper so your hard earned money is safe and stay alert with such scams. Hope fix this as soon as possible. 

Have anything to share? Please feel free to comment below or get in touch with me on Twitter : (Harsh Y Mehta).



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