94.3 Radio One says #inthemixIndia is an outdated Concept

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well Due to some issues the Radio Show #inthemixIndia which was aired on 94.3RadioOne every saturday from 10pm-1am and hosted by Nikhil Chinapa has now been come to an end.

This came into light when Nikhil Chinapa Tweeted about the Issue and the #inthemixIndia fans were shocked to read it , but Nikhil Chinapa tweeted up that he will keep this show going via a website named : inthemixIndia.com with the help of Nawed Khan , AudioQube & Submerge team.

The first online Episode was Live Yesterday night at 10pm till 12pm ! The Hashtag for the Show was #ITMX61 ( 61 for the 61st episode ) .

Everybody were Happy about it , the whole team worked hard so that each and every listener can tune in via mobile or laptop/Pc .

#ITMX61 was trending in each and every city (listed on Indian City twitter trends). The huge part was that it was trending at 2nd Postion In India in just 30 minutes and also trending above #IPL in a short span of time.There were many listeners around the globe who felt good to be a part of #ITMX61.


Later on when i saw @943RadioOne tweets on my timeline i was in shock and also laughing at the same time .The tweets says that they have a brand new EDM radio show which is know as #RadioOneMegaMix ! The Tweets from @934RadioOne were so Desperate that the Admin him/her self wanted to make it trend ! . Image

And then later on when the show got over i asked them a question check out the conversation Below :


And soon after this Conversation they BLOCKED me for No reason , so it indicates that Radio One Dont respect their fans and they block users as they cant face them.


Many InthemixIndia fans were shock to see 94.3RadioOne’s  tweets saying INTHEMIX is an OUT DATED CONCEPT .

Below are the reactions from various people on twitter :

José Covaco – VJ at MTV India .

Gaurav Seth – A Travel show host

Shilpa Shah – Writer at India’s biggest Dance Music Magazine – EuphoricMag


Akshay Jedi – Managing Director and Editor in Chief – EuphoricMag


Abdul Basith- A social Media Manager from Bangalore !

Nikhil Nulkar – Social Collaboration & Strategy Consultant from Bangalore .

Sumit Uke from Mumbai .

Santosh Kamath from MangalorE/Bangalore .


Vishal Maheshwari from Hyderabad

Dhanajay Thakkar , Pursuing CA from Mumbai .


Karuna Lulla – Corporate Finance Analyst from Mumbai .

Harneet Kaur Juneja


Annie From Mumbai

Nishant Shah From Mumbai

Chintan Kamani from Manhattan, NY

Manan Bora from Baroda

What got even more worst was 94.3RadioOne Blocked 7 more people after me :

And 94.3RadioOne states that inthemix is a dated edm property belonging to Radio One :

This is what Nikhil Chinapa has to say :

And the below tweet states something really Funny from Radio One

So Dear RadioOne Can you please tell us , Why do you block people when they ask you a simple question ? Is it because you cant face us ? or is it because you are ashamed of yourself ?

Thanks for digging your Own grave Radio One , You Lost a big amount of fans and the most important RESPECT !


Mailed the whole issued to BBC RADIO ONE and NEXT MEDIA WORKS and the MD of 94.3 Radio One And after two days , I received a Sarcastic Public Apology from 94.3Radio One’s Twitter handle !

So finally the apology came out after 1 exact week which was sarcastic but in the end they had to bend down and put aside their EGO . 94.3Radio One has surely entered their name in 2013 Social Media Blunders .

Thanking each and everyone who supported me for this fight from around the world !

  1. Sumit says:

    Kudos for asking the question dude..!!
    They can’t infringe upon intellectual property of Nikhil Chinappa and Submerge the way they did and expect people to not question.
    Since they were wrong they tried to supress you by blocking you. Never mind those prudes and keep up the good work. Cheers

  2. Ishan says:

    well said..and on top of that in their next tweets they say that ITMX is their property and Nikhil Chinapa can’t do a shit about it!! i mean, seriously, WTF !!

    but hey, it all turned out to be for the better in a way, coz now the show is online and can be accesses globally!! 😀

  3. Aviralzes says:

    It is absurd the way radio One is dismissing potential listeners. You stopped #InTheMixIndia, fine! We get it. We understand budget issues well. But how in the world can you tag a fan-favourite show #InTheMixIndia as ‘outdated’. You’re not only losing potential listeners but also causing negative publicity for yourself. And btw, your new show is an absolute rip-off of the concept of #InTheMixIndia or wait, should I say, #ITMX? Lastly, I strongly believe you have no rights over the term ‘In The Mix’. So yeah #ITMXFamily forever ❤

  4. Chandan Seth says:

    94.3 radio one made a very wrong statement by saying that #inthemixIndia is an outdated concept of edm ! And i wanna ask them that are we,the lovers of #InTheMixIndia (now #ITMXOnline) retarded to trend this all over INDIA ‘every’ saturday night!!
    And also #ITMX has also seeked the attention of popular EDM artists like Zedd,Dirty South,Funkagenda,etc.
    so radio one please explain me how it is an outdated concept of EDM?
    An EDM and #ITMX LOVER.

  5. Nikhil Jain says:

    Fuck off radio 1
    Ur radio without #inthemixindia is an outdated concept all together….
    Are we mad to tread it all every single Saturday night all over India…
    I think by saying this u have done wrong and you should apologize for it….
    No matter u come up with mega mix or whatever….
    We were glued to nikhil chinapa’s in the mix and we will continue doing that….
    Thanks for making us realize that u don’t know how to treat ur consumer….
    By saying all this I would like to end it by saying that radio1 u have obviously lost a potential listener for ur channel….

  6. So RADIO ONE You Block a listener if he express his views?

    RADIO ONE started a new show , we are cool with it.Good luck with your new show but calling IN THE MIX INDIA as an outdated EDM concept is some thing which make us piss off to the core.Your so called “outdated EDM show” gave you thousands of listeners.
    Hope you are aware that your so called “outdated EDM show” went online last week and it started trending in less than 15 minutes.Ohh come on!! now dont tell me that twitter trend is outdated concept too

    Lets be very straight on what we are discussing here.Our concern here is why would you block a follower for asking a simple question secondly calling IN THE MIX as outdated concept was totally wrong. You are represnting RADIO ONEs official handle so think before you tweet some shits
    Hope you remember that the same so called “outdated EDM show” got you an exclusive mix from Tiesto but RADIO one messed it there too.They didnt play the Tiesto guest mix in many cities but they played a guest mix by other artist.Now we should ask RADIO ONE Who is oudated? Your crew who was airing the show??

    Good luck with your new show guys .We are happy on internet with global #ITMXFAMILY

  7. Manan says:

    Radio One have lost their minds. And what they say is they cater to educated audience. LOL . They have not just lost the best radio show but also some good fans and respect. I haven’t seen such poor management till date. And, what is the reason behind blocking people on twitter?!! Radio One is BiG LOSER!

  8. Mihir Darji says:

    We should rather call Radio One outdated, as they are using outdated techniques of blocking the people who want to express their views.
    And get one thing straight in your head Radio one, no one is going to listen to that radio station now that there is no In The Mix India
    Anyway thank you for stopping it coz the online one is even better and has more listeners. Our Family just grew.

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